90 days of yoga

     I’ve done 90 consecutive days of yoga. Sometimes 2 classes a day.
It’s my job to show up at Deepwater Yoga but that’s not why I keep showing up. I wanted to see what changes I’d see after dropping all other physical training.
No more lifting weights (I did high weight, low repetitions).
No more HIIT classes.
No tabata, Insanity, or P90x.
No pick-up basketball at the Kroc Center on Broad.

     I thought I’d begin to look scrawny and weak, and that I’d lose the bounce in my step. 

Boy, was I wrong.
I’m stronger.
I’m leaner.
I’ve got boundless energy.
I’m calmer.
I’m more grateful.

     No more grueling workouts for me. I used to have to drag myself to workout cuz sometimes I don’t feel like doing push-ups & burpees.

    But handstands and happy baby burpees with tuck jumps? Every dang day. This is sustainable, safe, healthy, functional movement. I can move in all the ways we were designed to move. With ease. For as long as I need to. And it just feels right. It feels good.


   Ima get back to the Kroc for the basketball (got 2 teenage ballers almost as tall as Mama), but yoga in all the variety I’ve created at Deepwater Yoga, this is how I’ve always wanted to move this body. This feels right.


Do you want to see if yoga for 90 days feels right for you? Do it here.