Covid-19 Policies

1. All students MUST wear a mask upon entry.  Once you have arrived at your mat you have the option to remove your mask until you leave your mat.

2. Screening procedure.  Students will be asked to answer the following questions upon entry:

  1. Do you have any COVID symptoms such as fever?

  2. Have you been exposed to someone who is confirmed to have COVID 19?

  3. Are you pending test results for COVID 19? 

    Any student that answers YES to ANY of these questions will be politely asked to leave. 

3. Sanitizing procedure.  Studio and lobby surfaces will be sanitized before and after classes.  All students are encouraged use hand sanitizer before and after class.  Hand sanitizer is available in the lobby.

4. Props.  If you plan to use props and have your own please bring them.  Any blocks given out will be thoroughly cleaned after class with antibacterial cleaner.  No other props will be available.

5. Lockers, towels and water.  Please bring your own water, and a towel if you expect to need one.  None will be provided, although there will be bottled water available for purchase in the lobby.  We would prefer students not to use lockers at this time.  If you use a locker, it must be sanitized before and after use.