Deepwater Yoga Instructors in Augusta, GA


Daniel started practicing yoga as a way to manage stress and anxiety and found a spiritual path.  Feeling called to share his love of the practice he completed an RYT-200 Creative Vinyasa training through Sacred Thread Yoga in Atlanta, GA in January 2020 and started teaching at Deepwater Yoga shortly after.  Daniel's goal is to help people find comfort within themselves and the power to express their potential and make a positive impact on the world.  In addition to Vinyasa yoga Daniel practices Yin yoga, Ashtanga and mindfulness meditation and has taken Yin Yoga Foundations, Mindfulness, and Traditional Chinese Medicine trainings with Josh Summers.



Kate Barrett Mayes, MD is from Augusta, Georgia, and is the creator of Deepwater Yoga. Kate is an empath, and began healing in traditional western medicine as an internal medicine physician. She retired from private practice in 2012 and since then has been raising her two children, Matthew (he's 14) and Barrett (she's 13). She founded SkinStar, MD, an all natural medical grade skincare line in 2012.


Kate began her most recent spiritual journey with a daily meditation practice in 2012 and began practicing yoga daily in 2013. She earned her Buti Yoga certification in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida in 2017. 


At Deepwater Yoga, Kate brings Buti Yoga, Flow & Fly (inversions) and meditation. 



In 2002, a director at her small town YMCA in Richmond Hill, GA needed someone to teach yoga classes and recommended YogaFit Yoga Teacher Training. From that point forward she was hooked, and hooked bad! Sallie eventually added cycling, weight lifting, and step trainings to her knowledge.


Life-stressors hit and Sallie realized she had taught her students how to take care of themselves, but she wasn't taking care of herself. After a couple year savasana and self-care, Sallie is back and she loves sharing her journey with her students in a hope to inspire and come alongside of them. She looks forward to seeing you in her classes and workshops!




Hello there, fellow yogi’s. My name is Jessica and I am delighted to share my yoga journey and practice with you all. My practice began many years ago when I needed an outlet in my life. That’s when I came across Hot Vinyasa yoga! I fell in love with this style of yoga and it became a big part of my life.

In 2009, I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard. During this time, I was able to explore some other types of yoga such as Core power and Hatha yoga. But my passion still fell for Vinyasa yoga. Once my enlistment in the military was over I knew I needed to do something in yoga. I felt the need to give back what all my other mentors did for me. So I decided to shoot for the stars and get my yoga certification! It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and I am beyond excited to share my passion with others!



Growing up in South Korea, Young started practicing yoga at an early age. She would gather with her friends to work on breathing exercises and asana. As an adult, Young decided she wanted to share yoga with others while she was teaching English as a second language to kids, to help them with behavior, concentration, and keeping a positive mindset. So from 2013-2015 she studied Svaroopa yoga in Daegu, South Korea with Dr. Hyeon Hee Kim through Svaroopa Vidya Ashram. Young received Dr. Kim’s recommendation to teach, and in 2017 received her REYT certification. Young taught Hatha Yoga at Krishna Yoga Studio and Children’s Yoga until she moved to the USA in 2018. Since moving to Augusta, Young has taught Gentle Chair Yoga and Children’s Yoga at the Kroc Center, and Gentle Chair Yoga and Flow Yoga at the Korean Community Center and Korean Silver College.



Amanda first discovered hot yoga as an essential stress relief in her first semester at Emory Law. Now, as a yogi and attorney, Amanda encourages her students to cultivate compassion for ones self and others, to take beyond the mat and into daily life. Amanda recently earned her 200 hour RYT Certification from Oh Yeah Yoga in Augusta, GA, where she learned how to develop creative vinyasa flow sequences. She has been teaching ever since. Her training and classes range from yoga basics, yin, power flow, and peak pose. Amanda is also a volunteer instructor at her office, where she has brought the joy of yoga to fellow attorneys and administrative staff.


When off the mat, Amanda studies mindfulness and enjoys hiking trips with her husband and Australian Shepard.

Although Amanda leads a variety of classes, she still considers herself a budding yoga student. "My yoga trainers told me to never stop learning or growing. There is always something new to learn as both an instructor and a student. I will always be a student before I am an instructor. That is what makes my yoga practice happily blooming and whole."



Lindsey did not go looking for spirituality. It grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and told her that she could not keep going in the direction she was headed. Coming from an almost purely physical practice, this was a turning point for discovering deeper compassion for herself and others. After being inspired by many amazing yoga teachers over the years, she wanted to share that gift with other yogis and completed her first RYT-200 in the summer of 2019.



Ilaina received her RYT 200 with Sarah Acord at Aiken Yoga in 2017, and is currently working on her RYT 500 through the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts. She also has Thai Yoga Bodywork training through Michael Sitzer. She was first introduced to yoga in college and dabbled with it here and there until, at long last, she dove head first into it in November of 2016. At the time, her souI was treading water after personal tragedy. She was staying afloat by immersing herself in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but was fueled by pain and aggression. Her friend was a yoga student and he thankfully realized that the Yoga Lifestyle was precisely the soothing balm that would remedy her soul. He invited her to try yoga on for size and it was a perfect fit. Yoga has transformed her life, mind, body, and spirit. It has shown her peace and love. The primary thing that Ilaina has learned from yoga is that self love is the engine that propels all healthy human interaction, and that you can't truly love someone else until you love yourself first. Yoga has taught her that as an empath, she must live authentically, so as not to be mistakenly pulled down someone else's path instead of her own. It has also taught her that we must let go of the past, not worry about the future, and essentially Be Here Now. Whatever energy one sends out into the world is the energy that will be returned. Trust the universe, let your heart lead you, and surf the flow rather than try to control it. As long as you make your choices from a place of love, you can't go wrong.