New to Deepwater Yoga

New Students!

We are so happy you found Deepwater! ❤️

Arrive early. (Especially if it’s your first class.) This allows time to find a space, unroll your mat and collect your props (any blankets, bolsters, blocks or straps you need to modify poses) without disturbing anyone. It also gives you an opportunity to get into the right mind-set. If you are late, wait until after the teacher’s opening ritual — it could be a reading, a breathing exercise, a meditation — before entering.


Put your things in the lockers. Put your shoes, phone and other things in the lockers just inside the front door. We lock the door right when class starts so your things are safe. 


Bring a yoga mat. Bring a yoga mat if you have one or we can loan you one of ours. We have Lululemon & Manduka mats available for purchase, too. 


Plan to stay for the whole class. If you must leave early, let the teacher know, and do it before savasana, the period of final relaxation at the end of class. Again, this is to not disturb your classmates during a key part of class. Try not to step on anyone’s mat.


Disconnect. We want you to leave the chaos of life outside so you can recharge. Turn off your cell phone and leave it in your locker.